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Guelph Family Martial Arts was voted #1 for personal training in Guelph. Our personal training sessions are designed to promote personal development and growth in a fun, safe environment.

We work with you to provide personal training private lessons that work around your schedule. We design our personal training sessions based on what you want to achieve. If you’re looking to fast-track your training, or just looking to get in shape and shed some pounds we can help!

Private Training Sessions With Multiple Benefits

Our private training lessons help not only your body but your mind as well. In general, martial arts can help one achieve deeper awareness, stronger dedication and elevated perseverance. Our personal training sessions provide all the benefits of working with instructors in our classes. You’ll always get the full Guelph Family Martial Arts experience no matter what.

Achieve Optimal Fitness

Work On Self-Discipline

Improve Stamina & Energy

Relieve Stress

Restore Confidence


Nathan Skoufis

Nathan Skoufis is a member of the Hayabusa professional karate team who also sponsors UFC champion George St. Pierre and Glory Kickboxing Champion Nieky Holzken. He has been training in martial arts since the age of six. Mr. Skoufis is a 5th Degree Black Belt and Head Instructor. He has won world championships in several leagues including NBL (National Black Belt League), NASKA (North American Sport Karate Association), IFMA (International Federation of Martial Arts) and NAFMA (North American Federation of Martial Arts) as well as winning over 150 regional and national events and being the youngest adult competitor to ever win a grand championship; all of this being accomplished by the age of 20. He is still an active competitor.

Although Nathan is a world-renowned champion, he chooses to spend his time teaching the next generation of martial arts enthusiasts at his studio, Guelph Family Martial Arts. Nathan helps children reach their full potential by teaching them lifelong skills like discipline, respect, determination and drive. Through his passion for martial arts, Nathan inspires his students to be the best they can be at all times.

Guelph Martial Arts

Training For Tomorrow

When you sign up for personal training at Guelph Family Martial Arts you’re signing up to improve your overall physical and mental health. Exercise is proven to improve the quality of your life and allows you to keep up with things that matter most. Practicing martial arts assists in improving your stamina and helps work your muscles to maintain your mobility. It can work as a form of physical therapy to help strengthen joints and muscles. Contact us today to learn more about what our personal private training lessons can do for you.

Guelph Family Martial Arts

The Power of Our Program

Individuals who have started our program have had many lifetime injuries, including chronic pains in their backs, knees and shoulders. After starting our program these clients have noticed great improvement and have gained strength. The symptoms of these injuries disappear or lessen. Our class is perfect for a world champion or someone overcoming an injury and looking to improve their skills or someone who has never worked out.

Our instructors modify exercises to cater to all of our clients' needs. Our instructors are extremely flexible and are looking to help. Even if you have a pre-existing injury, our team will work around it so you can still get an amazing workout. Our instructors will explain each concept and break down techniques so everyone can understand. We really make it easy for you to feel great about your workout and the results you achieve.

Martial arts training at our studio focuses on personal growth and development through martial arts training. The program develops life skills including focus, fitness, confidence, discipline, stress coping strategies, perseverance, bullying prevention and many more. The benefits of the program extend far beyond only physical and making a well rounded student. Our program helps focus on how to properly deal with emotions and to channel them into a positive avenue and outlet. Our program translates to better grades in school with the newly developed skills. We also develop self regulation which is useful in all areas of life. We utilize martial arts as a vehicle to develop human potential. Our program has been voted #1 in the area for the benefits it provides by Three Best Rated, Top Choice Awards, Readers Choice Awards, Canadian Kids Guide and Star of Service. The program has been featured on CTV, CBC and Global News for the benefits it provides to students of all ages. The studio has also been featured on national T.V. and radio.

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Best martial arts instructors Nathan & Sophie Skoufis

New activities and environments can cause anxiety. We have very patient instructors and it is a non non-judgmental environment. Our Program is perfect for students of all ages and experience levels to ensure engagement and maximize learning goals.

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